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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

21 Building Stories: Some Few Questions Begging For Answers About The Collapsed Ikoyi Tower

Few things that you need to know about the collapsed Ikoyi tower is stated below by Akinyele Oladeji

Good evening Gentlemen,

I wasn’t going to offer any opinion on the matter of the Ikoyi collapsed tower for several reasons but I see a lot of misconceptions being peddled here. 

When accidents happen, everyone suddenly has an opinion as to the reason why the accident occurred. Hmmm, no wonder the Yoruba adage says ‘eniti cocoa e ba ye, lo mo lo’ … it is the farmer whose cocoa tree survives that knows how to plant. 

However, accident always happens because something has gone wrong not necessarily due to negligence or incompetence . Sadly oftentimes our lynch mentality obscures our capacity to investigate the root cause of what went wrong so as to take preventive measures. Someone must always be blameworthy!

As close as June 2021, a tower collapsed in Miami…. was it the developer that was culpable in Almighty USA with all the regulations? Also, In the highbrow Kensington area of London, a 24 storey building caught fire claiming 72 lives in 2001, was it the owner that was culpable?

Accidents happen and there are cogent lessons for everyone. In this particular instance of the Ikoyi collapse, there are too many lessons and too many questions for all stakeholders, developers, consultants, regulators, financial services as well as off-takers.

Confidence in the industry will wane and the far reaching implications are too gruesome for contemplation. What has collapsed is far more than a building!

The secondary property market is the source of prosperity of great nations and that is what has gone down with that structure. Most people will not touch high rise ever again with a ten foot pole. Again how will prospective developers access funds going forward? Regulators will have knee jack reactions with a lot of obnoxious regulations…

They are already mulling a law in Lagos that anything above 4 floors must be built by the likes of Julius Berger, El-allan, Cappa etc what does that portend for indigenous contractors? Off-taker fund will be paid into government escrow account and will be accessible with bank guarantee or insurance bonds. Without off-takers funds, developers will have to borrow from commercial banks at close 30%!

Everyone will be looking for money to buy land and develop on their own, that does actually means certain areas will be off limits to most people . With N200m you can own a comfortable apartment in Ikoyi from developers whereas you will need like a billion naira to own land before talking about construction! Imagine if everyone has to buy their own land in London to own asset?

Yesterday was really a sad day for Nigeria! All the gains of the past 3 decades in real estate may have gone down with the Ikoyi property! 

I take exception to the blame game going on here and make bold to say that with this kind of ‘pull him down attitude’ we may be too blindsided to really investigate the root cause of the collapse. What manner of collapse was that? Looked like controlled demolition to me, not touching any of the close buildings!

I knew the late developer, Femi Osibona. He was a very personable, passionate man with a heart of lion. Like most entrepreneurs, he may be a little impectuos but was certainly not a criminal, neither was he suicidal. He was planning to live in one of the penthouses . I was there with him to pray severally. He developed in London, built in South Africa and did a 40 apartment estate on Mosley road Ikoyi. Dele Momodu lives in one of the penthouses there. 

I will share real pictures of the development that came down and you will certainly not see any sign of stress. Engineers, public servants, builders , professionals bought into the project and paid millions of dollars. Were they all stupid? I saw the c of o and even have a copy, Lagos State has come out to say 21 storey was approved .

The structurer engineer that released a funny letter of withdrawal of service acted in bad faith. Was there an acknowledgment on the original letter he shared ? Did he copy the authorities? How convenient to leak the letter after the disaster? Trevi foundation did the foundation of my friend’s house in Gbagada/maryland arowojobe area and the building sank!

That area has ended the career of many brilliant consultants because of the shifting soil texture? Another friend’s house is sinking at Osborne foreshore not because of defective foundation but settling sand. Nowadays Can we even guarantee the integrity of all materials? A lot could have gone wrong…

Let’s wait for the report of the experts before we cast our stones. An accident has happened, lives were lost , people’s husbands, fathers, son, daughters … these are people amongst us … it could have been one of the days I was there! The least we can do is show empathy and let the authorities do their work . I am sad and bereaved of a passionate entrepreneur and Christian brother.

May his soul Rest In Peace.- Akinyele Oladeji


Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Nigeria Needs 1.5 Trillion Dollars In Ten Years To Bridge The Infrastructures Gap —President Buhari

Nigeria Needs 1.5 Trillion Dollars In Ten Years To Bridge The Infrastructures Gap —President Buhari

According to Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President, Media & Publicity, on November 2, 2021, it was stated that Nigeria will still need a rigorous amount of 1.5 Trillion Us Dollars in ten years to bridge the Infrastructures Gap in Nigeria for us to complete with the western countries.

President Muhammadu Buhari says 1.5 trillion dollars is the cumulative estimated amount needed by Nigeria over a ten-year period, to achieve an appreciable level of the National Infrastructure Stock.


President Buhari gave the figure on Tuesday in Glasgow at a COP 26 high-level side event on improving global infrastructure hosted by President Joe Biden of the United States, EU Commission President, Von Der Leyen and the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.


‘‘Nigeria is ready for your investments in infrastructural development in the country.


‘‘My administration has established a clear legal and regulatory framework for private financing of infrastructure to establish a standard process, especially on the monitoring and evaluation process.


‘‘We look forward to working with you in this regard,’’ he told world leaders at the high level meeting on the margins of the climate change conference.


President Buhari also declared that his administration had taken infrastructure expansion in Nigeria seriously, conscious of the fact that new investments in critical sectors of the economy would aid lifting 100 million Nigerians from poverty by 2030.


‘‘There is a nexus between infrastructural development and the overall economic development of a nation.


‘‘My administration identified this early enough as a major enabler of sustainable economic development and the realization of other continental and global development aspirations particularly the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.


‘‘On my assumption of office in 2015, Nigeria faced a huge infrastructure deficit and the total National Infrastructure Stock was estimated at 35% of our Gross Domestic Product.


‘‘In solving these problems, we embarked on a massive infrastructure expansion programme in the areas of Health care, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, Housing, Agriculture, and Water Resources.


‘‘We provided more financial resources for these policies, charted new international partnerships and pursued liberalization policies to allow private sector participation.


‘‘We introduced the revised National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan - a policy document that ensures our infrastructure expansion projects is cross-sectorally integrated and environmentally friendly, ’’ he said.


The President welcomed the G7 countries for its ground-breaking plan to mobilize hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment for low - and middle-income countries.


He noted that the “Build Back Better World” plan, an initiative of the G7 countries, is expected to be a values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership.


‘‘It is our fervent hope and expectations that this plan will be pursued to its logical conclusion in order to bridge the infrastructural gap between the North and South,’’ he said.


The President also used the occasion to outline the principles, values and standards Nigeria would like to see from infrastructure initiatives and the challenges the country has faced in partnering with donors on infrastructure development.


‘‘The aim of pursuing quality infrastructure investment is to maximize the positive economic, environmental, social, and development impact of infrastructure and create a virtuous circle of economic activities, while ensuring sound public finances.


‘‘This virtuous circle can take various forms in stimulating the economy,'' he said.


The Nigerian leader noted that infrastructure investment should, therefore, take into account economic, environmental and social, and governance aspects, guided by a sense of shared, long-term responsibility for the planet, consistent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The President added that the positive and negative impacts of infrastructure projects on ecosystems, biodiversity, climate, weather and the use of resources should be internalized by incorporating these environmental considerations over the entire process of infrastructure investment.


‘‘Domestic resource mobilization is critical to addressing the infrastructure financing gap. Assistance for capacity building, including for project preparation, should be provided to developing countries with the participation of international organizations.


‘‘Quality infrastructure investment also needs to be tailored to individual country conditions and consistent with local laws and regulations.


‘‘Furthermore, Infrastructure projects should align with national strategies and nationally determined contributions for those countries determined to implement them, and with transitioning to long-term low emissions strategies, while being mindful of country circumstances,’’ he said.


The President also called for the environmental impact of infrastructure investment to be made transparent to all stakeholders, noting that this will enhance the appreciation of sustainable infrastructure projects and increase awareness of related risks.


BREAKING: EFCC Releases Obi Cubana Just Now

BREAKING: EFCC Releases Obi Cubana Just Now

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has released prominent socialite, Obi Oyiegbu, otherwise known as Obi Cubana from its custody.

Eaglesforesight had earlier reported that Obi Cubana was arrested on Monday, November 1, 2021, by the anti-graft agency over alleged him of money laundering and tax evasion.

According to reports, the socialite businessman was granted administrative bail around 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The 46-year-old took to his Instagram handle to hint at his release, saying:

“Okpataozueora! I love you ALL!!❤❤❤❤❤. Unbroken. #manoftheyear2021,” he wrote.

Many Nigerians had taken to social media to show solidarity, calling for his unconditional release.


Breaking: Unknown Gunmen Reportedly Kills INEC REC Chairman, Few Days To Election In Anambra

Breaking: Unknown Gunmen Reportedly Kills INEC REC Chairman, Few Days To Election In Anambra

Informations reaching Eaglesforesight now we that unknown gunmen have reportedly killed a Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) in Anambra State.

Speaking on the incident, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) alleged that Hope Uzodinma killed the INEC REC chairman.

The source allegedly revealed, that Uzodima carried out the atrocious act because the chairman did not allow him to bring his ad-hoc staff to rig the upcoming November 6 gubernatorial election in Anambra.

“The allegations were revealed in a statement made by IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful.”

The statement reads in part: “We want to again warn Ndi Anambra to be at alert and never allow Hope Uzodinma to succeed with his evil plan. For those who don’t know, Hope Uzodinma murdered the INEC REC Chairman in Anambra State because he turned down Uzodinma’s request to bring his agents as ad hoc staff for the November 6 governorship election to perfect his rigging plan.

“Nigerian security agents, both DSS (Department of State Services) supported Fulani in their desperate mission to Islamise South East which is impossible for them. There is nothing they can do to change our people in our irrevocable resolve to restore Biafra.

“Similarly, Nigerian Army is committing secret genocide in Biafraland, the whole world must take note of these atrocities and extrajudicial killings going on in Biafraland in the name of Operation Golden Dawn officers deployed in our land, particularly everybody must endeavour to watch the viral videos and pictures where Nigeria soldiers and its sister security (are) shooting innocent villagers in Awgu, Enugu State.

“Nigerian security agents were sent into our territory to commit another round of genocide against innocent citizens of Biafra, we wondered why Amnesty International, civilised (sic) would keep quiet and allow Nigerian military killing innocent citizens because they accept to become the upcoming Biafra Nation.

“We are calling owners and leaders of this world to come for our rescue Nigerian army and other security agents killing, murdering and massacring Biafrans extrajudicially without any justifications, what did we do to answer in the first place, what crime for answering (sic) Nigeria.

“Nigerian government and her security agents decided completely to reduce the population of Biafra, we want the world leaders to fix a date for Biafra referendum so our people can decide where they want to belong, we are tired of Nigeria and its Fulani agenda.”


10 Reportedly Die As 21-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos, Designer Warned Of Tragedy

10 Reportedly Die As 21-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos, Designer Warned Of Tragedy

No fewer than 10 persons were feared dead on Monday when a 21-storey building collapsed on Gerard Road in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

As of the time of filing this report, many people were still trapped in the rubble, including the Managing Director, Fourscore Heights Limited, Mr Femi Osibona, who owned the building, and some of his clients and engineers.

Eaglesforesight gathered that the building crumbled around 2pm when workers were on the site.

One of the workers who survived the incident, Gabriel Bassey, told one of our correspondents that about 50 persons were still trapped in the rubble.

10 Reportedly Die As 21-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos, Designer Warned Of Tragedy

He said, “This project, 360 Degree, was built by Fourscore Homes Limited. I was trying to plug my phone and not up to five seconds that I left the spot, I saw the building coming down and I ran to safety. We have a lot of people trapped in the rubble, who we need to bring out.

“When the incident happened, we brought out six dead bodies and we still have like 30 Togolese and Nigerian bricklayers and four engineers and other workers. My boss, Mr Femi, is still trapped in the building. He was on the 18th floor with some of his clients, who wanted to buy the building, when the incident happened.”

A resident, Morris Ashiobi, said the building did not show any sign before it caved in.

He said, “When the incident happened, I was the first person to climb the building to the last floor and I saw corpses. I started calling people to come and rescue others. We recovered six dead bodies, rescued one, while the rest are still under the rubble.

“The building didn’t give any sign, it just came down. We were still working on it. It took an hour before the emergency agencies came and we had brought out the dead bodies and rescued one person before they came. If I’m not mistaken, about 40 persons were on site, because we were working at the time. Some people came from Abuja today (Monday) to work. I have many friends still trapped in the building.

“When the police came, they chased us out and didn’t allow us to rescue anyone again; if they had allowed us, we would still have rescued more people.”

An eyewitness, Blessing Feyijimi, who lamented the lack of equipment by the first responders, stated that more people would have been rescued if they were better equipped.

He said, “When the incident happened around 1.36pm, we started rescuing people but the security men locked the gate and didn’t allow people to enter. We protested and forced our way in. We recovered four dead bodies on the last floor and rescued four injured persons; but some people are still trapped in the rubble.”

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, confirmed the death of five persons, adding that three others were rescued.

However, the South-West Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye, said four corpses were recovered from the building, adding that four were rescued.

Our correspondents reported that some relatives of the victims present at the scene were crying and refused to talk to reporters.

Emergency responders at the scene included the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, National Emergency Management Agency, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Lagos State Fire Service, Federal Road Safety Corps, police, army and paramedics.

The Lagos State Government, while reacting to the incident, called for calm among the residents.

He added that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had ordered an investigation into the incident, adding that a report of the probe would be made public.

The state Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, in a statement on Monday, said investigations had commenced to unravel the cause of the collapse.

The statement added that the general managers of the Lagos State Building Control Agency and the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority were on the ground to make a summary assessment on the extent of damage to the surrounding structures, if any.

The state Deputy Governor, Obafemi Hamzat, said it was important to cordon off the scene of the incident to facilitate the efforts of professional rescuers and limit casualties.

The Co-ordinator, Building Collapse Prevention Guild, Ikoyi-Obalende Cell, Bola Arilesere, said in an interview with one of our correspondents, “No building of that scale under construction should collapse unless it was pulled down or some explosives were planted to destroy it. So, something went wrong technically.

“It is likely that some people deliberately tried to cover it up. We only had the structure in place; it suggests a sub-structural failure. We need to dig deep.”

The President, Nigerian Institute of Building, Prof. Yohana Izam, expressed sadness at the incident and the “monumental loss of material resources and human fatalities.”

“There should be a thorough investigation to test the implementation of physical planning and development laws in Lagos and ensure that culprits are heavily sanctioned,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the company that designed the structure and supervised the construction, Prowess Engineering Limited, said it withdrew from the project in 2020 because it no longer shared the same vision with the owners, Fourscore Heights Limited.

The Managing Director, Prowess Engineering Limited, Muritala Olawale, in a letter to Osibona on February 20, 2020, said his firm could not guarantee the integrity of the building from anything above the fourth floor.

Olawale, who handled two other building projects for Osibona, said his company was withdrawing from the third one because “of how the project is being executed.”

“We can guarantee the integrity of the first two buildings and also the work done up to the fourth floor of the third building supervised by us provided specifications have been met in terms of the required concrete strength. This we do not have control over as we do not have the concrete cube test results of each stage of the building till date. Also, note that we are not taking responsibility for any other construction errors that may have occurred overtime on the project,” the letter read in part.

Olawale confirmed the authenticity of the letter to PUNCH Metro on Monday.


Sabo Under Bridge: PDP, Omooba Damilare Bello, Condemns Sagamu LG Forceful Eviction Of Traders, Tagged It Callous Act

Sabo Under Bridge: PDP, Omooba Damilare Bello, Condemns Sagamu LG Forceful Eviction Of Traders, Tagged It Callous Act.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sagamu local government chapter has condemned the Council actions against forceful eviction of traders under the Sabo flyover bridge. 

The party said, the action taken was hasty and poor political decision. Speaking with our correspondent on phone was the party's Chairmanship candidate Sagamu local government Omooba Damilare Mohammed Bello Dre who after the election, return back to the UK, he said, the government's decision and action is anti people and undemocratic for government not to provide alternatives location.

He said, “beautification exercise is a welcome idea but not at the detriment of our peoples livelihoods.” He mentioned that the Chairman didn't do his home work well. Destroying peoples means of livelihoods doesn't solve the problems.

“Government should think of providing alternatives location for the traders before forcing them out.”

Omooba Damilare Mohammed Bello Dre, who called on the victims to remain calm, also promises to provide his little assistance to cushion the effects of the destruction meted on them by this wicked administration.

Watch Video Here Below:

Breaking: Ogbeni Afolabi Odulate forcefully evict traders transacting under the Sabo Bridge, Sagamu, Ogun.


Monday, 1 November 2021

BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Prominent Socialite, Obi Cubana For Tax Fraud, Money Laundering

BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Prominent Socialite, Obi Cubana For Tax Fraud, Money Laundering

Popular socialite and businessman, Obinna Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for money laundering.

The Anambra-born club owner, who arrived the headquarters of the EFCC at Jabi, Abuja, at about noon on Monday, is currently being interrogated by operatives of the commission.

Though allegations against the socialite were sketchy as of press time, a source disclosed that his case borders on alleged money laundering and tax fraud.

The source said, “Obi Cubana was arrested and brought to the EFCC headquarters on Monday afternoon over allegations of money laundering and tax fraud. He is being grilled by detectives as we speak.”

The EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, said he has yet to be briefed on the development.

Obi Cubana made headlines in July when he hosted an ostentatious burial for his mother in Oba, Anambra State, in which over 200 cows were reportedly killed.

The lavish display of wealth set tongues wagging with many Nigerians wondering about his source of wealth.

Several celebrities, business people and politicians turned out in large numbers for the funeral


Invasion Of Justice Mary Odili's Residence; Democracy Is No Longer Safe Under Buhari. The Southern Nigeria Frontier Laments

Invasion Of Justice Mary Odili's Residence; Democracy Is No Longer Safe Under Buhari. The Southern Nigeria Frontier Laments

The Southern Nigeria Frontier (SNF) has once again shown worried, about the recent invasion incident of the Abuja residence that belongs to Justice Mary Odili, of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. We consider this gestapo action, which available evidences have shown was ordered by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation, as the height of corruption and executive recklessness, targeted at once again intimidating the Nigeria's Judiciary, a conduct now synonymous with the Buhari regime.

Despite the denial by the administration, particularly the office of the Attorney General of the Federation, we wish to let Nigerians, and the International community note that this is another move by the administration, to intimidate, denigrate and ridicule the judiciary just like what was done to unceremoniously sack former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onoghen.

What the Buhari administration is doing, particularly through AGF Abubakar Malami, is nothing but an executive recklessness and impunity. It must be known, that a Supreme Court Justice like Justice Mary Odili is a senior citizen of this country, whose residence cannot be hidden to the knowledge of the government, which should now be mistaken for an ordinary Abuja residence, where "Illegal activities" are supposedly taking place, as claimed by the invaders of her residence. This is barbaric and unacceptable.

There is no doubt that the continued attack on the institutions of our democracy, particularly the judiciary, by operatives of this administration, is a descent into a deeper dictatorship than we have ever witnessed in our polity even during military regime. If Supreme Court judges can be under this manner of assault and abuse of naked power, what would be the fate of the everyday citizens in Nigeria? This culture is no doubt, a new low never witnessed in our country and all lovers of justice, democracy and decency must condemn this barbaric act.

While calling on all Nigerians and members of the international community to pay serious attention to the abuse of power and threat to democracy under President Buhari, it is obvious that democracy in Nigeria is becoming unsafe in the hands of Buhari’s government.

Finally, we wish to expresses that, we would not permit our democracy to be sacrificed on the Altar of the desperation of today's men in power, as we remained resolute in our avowed commitment to the survival of our democracy.


The Nightmare of Federal Government Road (Badagary-Sème Border Road)

 The Nightmare of Federal Government Road (Badagary-Sème Border Road)

To all average Nigerian living outside the country, traveling by road is the only hope and one of the common road to travel out of Nigeria through the west is the Badagary-sème Border road.

Badagary-Sème Border road is a federal government road but a total nightmare to road travelers. It’s a big shame on the federal government and Lagos state government if an entry and exist route of Nigeria is a nightmare to Nigerians and foreigners.

The journey from Mile 2 to sème border is approximately 5 hours journey which is equivalent to the journey sème to Aflao which is Togo border which you will need to pass through Benin republic before you get to Togo.

What is the problem with Badagary-Sème Border road?

 The Nightmare of Federal Government Road (Badagary-Sème Border Road)

1- More than 10 Nigeria police force barricades install between Badagary to Seme border.

2- More than 15 Customs Barricades install between Badagary to sème Border.M

3- More than 10 Immigration Barricades install between Badagary to sème Border

4- Four Lagos state anti cultists Barricades.

What are these Law Agencies doing there?

Extorting Innocent citizens of their money and belongings. They will ask for your passport, yellow card, and other stuff. Collect money from these innocent drivers, imagine collecting 100 Naira from each Barricades from each driver.

The saddest part of it is that, the road is the “worstest” road I ever see while traveling by road ( I travel to Benin republic, Togo, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire by road ). The road is bad and all these officers collecting their bribe are not ready to raise alarm to the federal government for quick action because they know if the road is good they will not be there to collect bribe.

Nigeria is the giant of Africa but it’s a pity that small countries around us are having good roads and good social life.

This is a wake up call to the federal government to act on the road and all the corrupt officers on that road. The road is a nightmare road for road travelers.


The Nightmare of Federal Government Road (Badagary-Sème Border Road)I am Akanji Abdul Azeez (Educationist)


Akanji Abdul Azeez is an Educationist , an Humanitarian and a public administration student.


PDP Mocks APC For ‘Producing 90 State Chairmen’ In 36 States

PDP Mocks APC For ‘Producing 90 State Chairmen’ In 36 States

Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has mocked the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) over its state congresses.

During the exercise which held two weeks ago, parallel congresses held in different states.

The leadership of the ruling party had set up committees to address the grievances of some of those who were behind the parallel congresses but aggrieved party chieftains shunned the panels in some states.

But speaking on Thursday, Fintiri, who is Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2021 National Convention Organizing Committee (NCOC), said APC will cease to exist after the conduct of its National Convention scheduled for October 30 and October 31, 2021.

He said this Thursday while speaking at the beginning of a three-day Meeting/Training of Electoral Officers in preparation for the forthcoming national convention held at Legacy House, Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama, Abuja.

Fintiri said, “I foresee that by the end of this convention, which will be adjudged as one of the best in the history, of not just the PDP but of any political party ever in this country. It is going to close down most of the political parties especially in APC.

“With their own democratic process, we saw what happened, from their wards and states congresses are really shattered. Instead of having 36 chairmen, they have about 90 something. So, with this convention that we’re going to deliver, I believe with the democratic process and procedures that we have followed diligently, is going to open floodgate for all of them to come in.

“And I think this is not just because of the Convention, also but because of the situation Nigerians are in today. Everybody is not just looking at PDP to rescue them, but they are looking at PDP as a platform that they will bring in a new government in 2023.”

The NCOC Deputy Chairman, Governor Duoye Diri of Bayelsa State, said this is the right time to rescue the country from the brink of collapse.

He called on Nigerians at home and abroad nor to lose hope but to join hands with the main opposition political party to rescue Nigeria, saying the country” is bleeding”.

Diri said a reorganised PDP looked forward to having a brand new National Executive Committee (NEC) elected come Saturday.


301 Houses Recovered From Two Civil Servants In Abuja – ICPC Chairman

301 Houses Recovered From Two Civil Servants In  Abuja – ICPC Chairman

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), has disclosed that the Agency had successfully recovered 301 houses from two public officers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The ICPC chairman, Professor Bolaji Owasanoye made the revelation at the inauguration of the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on Investigation of the Operations of Real Estate Developers on Thursday, October 28.

Prof. Owasanoye said that while 241 buildings were recovered from one of the suspects at different locations within the FCT, the remaining 60 were recovered on a large expanse of land at another location.

The chairman lamented the alarming rate at which corrupt public officers were using real estate investment as a vehicle for hiding ill-gotten wealth and money laundering in the country.

He, however, accused the officials of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) as collaborators in the scam.

“Public officers acquire estates in pseudonyms to conceal the illegal origin of funds. This is made possible by the absence of proper documentation, the registration of titles to land and estates in the country and the non-enforcement of beneficial ownership standards,” he said.

“A tour round Abuja, especially the metropolis and the Central Area, would show a lot of estates that are built up but empty. If they had been constructed with funds that were borrowed at market rates, I don’t think any investor would leave such proprieties empty. One way or the other they would put them to use. So it is suspected that some of those estates have been used to launder ill-gotten public funds.”

Eaglesforesight gathered that the agency recovered a total of N53,968,158,974.64 after completing the task of the defunct Special Presidential Investigation Panel on recovery of public property in collaboration with the FMBN to investigate some real estate developers who defaulted in remittance and payment of money due to the government.

He added that the agency had received a number of petitions from stakeholders in the real estate and housing sector, off-takers, prospective buyers and the general public regarding the behaviour and antics of real estate developers within and outside Abuja.

“They border on forgery, the closing of land documents, double or multiple land allocations, allocation of land without the minister’s approval, revocation of land title without due process, non-delivery of projects, embezzlement of sourced capital, land racketeering, the use of land syndicates and speculators, the marketing of fake layouts, fraudulent allocation of land, inordinate delay in the processing of land documents for those who subscribe to their projects, general abuse of office, bribery, dishonesty, fraud, payment scams, or the refusal of government itself to pay fair value for acquired land and the concomitant refusal of settlers and traditional owners to give access to legitimate land allottees and other related issues and challenges”. he said.

He explained that in addressing some of the issues raised in the petitions that were forwarded to the ICPC, they have at different times successfully investigated and prosecuted some errant public officers and their collaborators.

Such collaborators, he said, include staff of the Federal Capital Development Authority, staff of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, persons who abused public trust, fraudulent real estate development operatives and other ancillary people who have further deepened the mass housing gap in the FCT.

He also accused the Real Estate Developers of the Association of Nigeria (REDAN) of working with some unscrupulous persons in the system to thwart the efforts of the government to provide housing for the citizenry.


Amosun`s Secret Plans To Approach 16 Political Parties, To Pass Votes Of Confidence In Endorsing Chief Derin Has Been Exposed


Amosun`s Secret Plans To Approach 16 Political Parties, To Pass Votes Of Confidence In Endorsing Chief Derin Has Been Exposed


Indication has surfaces over the weekend, exposing the plans of Ogun State former Governor and Senator representing Ogun Central in the National Assembly, Sen Ibikunle Amosun has enlisted the services of 16 strong leaders of opposition Political parties towards cementing his All Progressive Congress, APC faction to pass vote of confidence on his preferred chairman of the party, Chief Adebiyi Derin alongside his executives.

A source who pleaded Eaglesforesight on anonymity through Amebo Newspaper NG has confirmed, that Chief Derin Adebiyi met with the chairmen of the 16 (opposition) political parties which includes two women with a view of flying them to ABUJA in order to convince President Mohammadu Buhari and leaders of the ruling party, APC that he enjoys the support of even opposition political parties leaders just like he has overwhelming support base in All Progressive Congress, APC in Ogun State.

Meanwhile, Arrangements has been concluded to moved the 16 opposition Political parties Chairmen on an all expensive paid trip to ABUJA the seat of power as a signals that the national leadership of APC will further believes his political seniority and superiority over that of Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun who has been renting crowds of supporters to show up his fictitious base.


LASG: Government Breaks Silence Over Viral Video Of Flooded School

LASG: Government Breaks Silence Over Viral Video Of Flooded School

The Lagos State Government has broken its silence over a video that went viral over the weekend wherein pupils were seen in a flooded school assembly ground.

Eaglesforesight gathered that, the state government through the Ministry of Education on Sunday took to its official Facebook page to make some clarifications on the school. The post on the blue app read:

“The school assembly viral video clip on social media is a low cost private school in Makoko, Lagos State. 

“The video was taken some months ago by a church that wanted to use the video to raise funds for the school. 

“The building has been demolished and is being built. 

“Lagos State authorities are sending officials there on Monday to ascertain level of progress. 

“Thanks for your concerns.”

The above statements are been released 


BREAKING: Many Trapped As 21-Storey Building Collapses In Ikoyi, Lagos.

BREAKING: Many Trapped As 21-Storey Building Collapses In Ikoyi, Lagos.

A 21-Storey building was reportedly collapsed on Monday, in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Eaglesforesight informations source gathered that the collapsed building is on Gerard Road, Ikoyi, as the building was still under construction as at the time of the incident.

The Emergency services are also yet to mobilise to the scene at the time of filing this report.

Full details later...

Watch Video Below:


Despite Complex Situations, Our Country’s Future Remain Bright, Says Osinbajo

Despite Complex Situations, Our Country’s Future Remain Bright, Says Osinbajo

Despite the challenges the country is currently facing, Nigerians should not lose hope as it remains a nation with great promises and a bright future, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN. 

Prof. Osinbajo who has on different occasions affirmed his faith and firm belief in the country’s great future and immense potential of its people, declared this again on Saturday in Jos, Plateau State, where he was special guest at the Annual Thanksgiving Service of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) chapter in the State. 

In the same vein, on his return to Abuja yesterday afternoon, the Vice President also attended the 2021 Annual Convention of the Kings Palace Church International, in Kuje, where he observed that the people of Kuje are an example of Nigerian unity, with different strands of the community and faiths; including the Muslim traditional ruler of Kuje, the Gomo of Kuje (paramount ruler of Kuje), Alhaji Haruna Jibrin Tanko, gracing the anniversary of the church held at the Town hall. The Gomo welcomed the VP and lauded the contributions of the church in the community. 

The VP commended the gathering in Kuje and noted that it was a show of unity. 

Speaking at Kuje, Prof Osinbajo said “We must be united. Our country is better and stronger as one than separate. Other countries are trying to be bigger. Nobody is trying to be smaller. We will not be smaller in the mighty name of Jesus. The Lord God Almighty will help us to grow in understanding, and to treat each other with fairness and with justice”.

Earlier in Jos, he urged Nigerians to speak positively about the country, to stir up faith among citizens in its future. And personally, the VP affirmed that he “is completely convinced that the future of our nation is very bright indeed”.

“This is a nation that God’s hand is laid upon… a nation with many great promises. We have so many expectations from God as He leads us by His Spirit,” he stated. 

The VP further noted that despite the complexities of some national issues, “our God is the God of complex situations. He steps in when things get really complicated, He is not a man whose options are limited, He has no limits, no boundaries, no quotas, He is God; which is why from the very beginning of creation, He demonstrated that He is a God of the most complex and difficult situations”.

Giving an example with the story of creation in the Book of Genesis, the VP said, “Even at creation, there was confusion; the earth was without form, it was bleak, dark and void, there seemed to be hopelessness and despair. But in all the confusion, the same verse says that God was right there, the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”.

He noted that what happened next was that God spoke and transformed the situation. 

“The word He spoke transformed the darkness, the insecurity, the fear, the conflicts, to light, peace and joy. He spoke, and the situation was transformed…. if we want our personal circumstances to change or we want our country to be at peace, and to prosper, we, the saints of God, must declare it. We must speak the reality we desire,” the VP stated. 

Continuing on the importance of speaking positive words about the country and praying for its prosperity, the VP admonished that, “the people of God cannot speak like the people of the world (and say) ‘…the country is bad, this Nigeria is not working, this country will break up…’ that is death not life. We carry life, we carry liberty from evil and oppression. 

“So, we will speak blessings unto our land, our communities and our families, we will use the blessings,” the Vice President affirmed, while urging Nigerians to have faith in the country’s rising, despite its challenges. 

The VP also used the analogy of the biblical story of the valley of dry bones as “God’s metaphoric depiction of the helplessness and hopelessness of a nation; and God’s ability, just by the spoken words of a man, to bring back life and hope. God is there. Then He speaks, as He is doing now.” 

Speaking directly to the PFN and church leaders, Prof. Osinbajo said, “we, who are the sons of God, priests, must speak the power and grace of God to our nation; (we must speak the power and grace) to fear, to insurgency, to banditry. And the church must not fear, we are the ecclesia, the called-out ones, a people of promise. We are indestructible…The word of God now reminds us that the glory of the latter temple shall be greater than the former.”

Earlier on arrival at the Yakubu Gowon Airport in Jos, the Vice President was received by Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, as well as the State’s Deputy Governor, Sonni Tyoden; PFN leaders in the State and other dignitaries. 

Meanwhile, in his remarks at the Kuje event, the VP reiterated his faith and hope in a new Nigeria, noting that “there is a better tomorrow.” 

He commended the church’s clergy, Rev. Samuel Ogbodo and Pastor (Mrs.) Gloria Ogbodo, for “16 years work of ministry.”


While praying for the Kuje community and the church in the area, the VP reiterated his earlier call on Christians to pray for the prosperity of the nation. 

On his part, the Senior Pastor of the Kings Palace Church International, Rev. Samuel Ogbodo, thanked the Vice President for his humility and commitment to the service of the people, noting that his visit to the church and community was the beginning of a new era. 

Also at the Kuje event, the National President of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Dr. Iyke Odo, praised Prof. Osinbajo’s patriotism, passion for and commitment to the progress of the country, describing the VP as a perfect and worthy Vice President of the country. 

His words: “We are very privileged to have this uncommon man. A man very unusual, very unique in his ways of adapting and collaborating with the masses of this country.

“The man we are seeing is a professor in Law, but because of what we have seen him do, his performance, his physical and mental agility, his connection to the problems of this country and the passion he has shown in every step and by every move, his intellectual sagacity is unquestionable.”

“Our Vice President would have been a professor in any other calling; he is a great man.” 

Apart from clergymen from churches in Kuje, the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), FCT chapter, Rev. Jonah Samson and the Gomo of Kuje, Alhaji Tanko, there were several other community and religious leaders, alongside professionals in the area who filled the Kuje Town Hall to its brim at the event yesterday. 


I Swear By The Holy Qur’an, I Will Leave Office By May 2023 - President Buhari

President Muhammad Buhari

I Swear By The Holy Qur’an, I Will Leave Office By May 2023 - President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said he has sworn by the Holy Qur’an that he will leave office by May 29, 2023.

“I swore by the Holy Qur’an that I will serve in accordance with the constitution and leave when my time is up. No “Tazarce’’ (tenure extension). I don’t want anybody to start talking about and campaigning for unconstitutional extension. I will not accept that,” he said.

Buhari spoke at a meeting in Makkah with a select group of Nigerians resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he just ended a visit.


President Buhari also tacitly expressed support to efforts to increase the role of technology in the nation’s elections, arguing that the introduction of the card reader and electronic register was God’s answer to his prayers, having been cheated of his victory in three previous elections.

“After the third so-called defeat, I said, ‘God Dey’. My opponents laughed at me but God answered my prayers by bringing in technology. At that point, nobody can steal their votes or buy them,” the President added.

President Buhari, who ended his visit to the Kingdom with the Friday Prayers at the Grand Mosque in Makkah said he will continue to abide by the constitution in all its ramifications and he will at all times supervise and deal with his ministers on same basis.

He gave assurances at the meeting that in the balance of “eighteen months or so of my time left, whatever I can do to improve the life of Nigerians, I will do it for the country.”


Recall: Ajala, Who Travelled Around The World From Nigeria, But Died At Home In Poverty

Recall: Ajala, Who Travelled Around The World From Nigeria, But Died At Home In Poverty

From Israel, he travelled to Lebanon, before making a stop at Egypt where he had a conversation with Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian general who led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952...

Even if conventional history ignores Olabisi Ajala, the phrase “Ajala the traveller”, a nickname in Southwest Nigeria for the footloose and the adventurous, means he would never be forgotten.

In fact, the legendary Juju musician, Ebenezer Obey, in his 1972 hit album, “Board Members,” contributed to etching his name in Yoruba folklore when he sang memorable lines about his adventures:

“Ajala travelled all over the world (2ce). Ajala travelled (2ce), Ajala travelled all over the world.”

Such was the life lived by Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala, aka Ọlábísí Àjàlá, who toured about 87 countries on a motorcycle in the 1950s.

By every inch of it, his adventure had all the trappings of glitz, showing off not just himself but also his culture as an African.

In every country he visited, he donned his agbada – the Yoruba flowing gown – and a cap, a combination described as “elaborately flowered robes with a felt-like head-dresses to match.”

Flawed he was, as is everyone. Heroes, as the great columnist Sam Omatseye once wrote, do not come in neat packages. Neither are villains complete disasters.

If Mungo Park toured the African coast to “discover” the River Niger and Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated to prove the earth was spherical, Ajala explored the world to exhibit the African culture and the can-do élan of Nigerians.

Ajala is therefore to Africa what Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Marco Polo are to Europe, and Ibn Battuta al-Tanji and Zheng He to Asia.

Olabisi Ajala on his Scooter Vespa motorcycle

His motorcycle was his compass which he used to cross borders and challenge the brutality of racial intolerance.

He was popular for his encounter with authorities and brushes with the law. If not for petty crimes like being caught with a counterfeit cheque, then it was in fights over a woman.

Ajala, as the ladies’ man

Reputedly possessing a ferocious libido, his escapades produced for him offspring scattered all over, literally becoming a father in many nations.

A Chicago nurse named Myrtle Bassett had his first son, Oladipupo (also called Andre), whose paternity he initially denied despite a court ruling saying otherwise.

He would marry an American model, Hermine Aileen, who divorced him on the charges of philandering and adultery, an allegation he said he “cannot contest.”

He went on to marry a 19-year-old white London radio-TV actress, Joan Simmons. His Australian wife, Wajuan, had for him: Femi, Dante, Lisa and Sydney. There was Toyin Ajala in England, with whom he had Taiwo and Kehinde. In Nigeria, it was Sherifat, among others.

Ajala was born in Ghana to Nigerian Muslim parents in 1934 – the twenty-fifth of his father’s 30 children from four wives. He attended Baptist Academy in Lagos and Ibadan Boys’ High School in Ibadan.

Leaving Nigeria

Aged 18, he travelled to the United States to study pre-medicine at the University of Chicago, becoming the first black student in the Delta Upsilon Pi ‘fratority’, a co-educational Greek-letter organisation.

He wanted to study medicine so that he could “wage war on voodoo and other superstitions” when he returned to Africa.

“The world should send doctors to Africa, and missionaries to Chicago. The gangsters here need to convert much more than we do,” he wrote in his travelogue.

He would never fulfil that career dream as he abandoned the stethoscope for a life on the road.

He would later move to Roosevelt University (then called Roosevelt College) to study Psychology.

At 22, fame came to the charismatic icon on June 12, 1952, when he decided to embark on a trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, covering about 2,280 miles all on a bicycle. He was received by Los Angeles city mayor, Fletcher Bowron.

With the tour, during which he stopped to deliver lectures at 11 major cities, he sought to educate the American people that “we (Nigerians and Africans) do not go about nakedly in loincloths.”

Meanwhile, as a result of a number of run-ins with the American immigration for petty offences and because he abandoned his schoolwork, he was sentenced to a one-year suspended jail term and was later ordered to be deported to Nigeria.

He protested the deportation order by climbing up an 80-foot radio tower and threatening to jump off it if the order was not rescinded. Ignoring pleas from the authorities, he later jumped down from about 15 feet and sprained his back. He was, nonetheless deported, but to London instead.

While in London, on April 27, 1957, the adventurer began his globetrotting for six years, visiting what is believed to be 87 countries on a Scooter Vespa motorcycle.

He detailed his tour in his autobiography, An African Abroad, which is currently out of print. The 255-page travelogue was published by London-based Jarrolds in 1963.

In it, he detailed his “sojourn in India,” his “visits to the Soviet Union” and the “Afro-Asian students (he met) in Russia.” Chapters were also devoted to his moments with the Shah of Iran as well as a cruise of the Arab world, wherein he visited “an Arab brothel” before a “suicidal entry into Israel’s Jerusalem.”

Photo of Ajala captured in Moscow

From Israel, he travelled to Lebanon, before making a stop at Egypt where he had a conversation with Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian general who led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 that ended the United Kingdom’s occupation of Egypt. Ajala later travelled to Australia.

Radical in his approach and not an easy person to accept no for an answer, he recalled his encounter with Gamal Abdel Nasser:

“Every day at 6 a.m. for the next two weeks, I was waiting directly in front of his presidential palace, hoping he would come out. On the 13th day of my hitherto unpromising efforts, around 5 p.m. President Naseer emerged from the interior of his residence heading for his car.”

Ajala got his man by screaming as loudly as he could and was heartily welcomed by the president.

From the road to the box office

Apart from the several television appearances in African traditional attire he had, Ajala’s exploits paved the way for him to the world of movies.

He featured in White Witch Doctor, produced by the 20th Century Fox movie studio, during which shooting he was paid $300 per week.

By 1955, he signed a movie contract with the Eagle Lion’s studio of Hollywood, making movies with European and African backgrounds.

He also played the role of “Ola,” a companion of “Loni,” a famous African hunter, played by Roberts Mitshun.

Privilege to penury upon returning to Nigeria, Ajala became a socialite and hung out with celebrities and entertainers like the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

Both men soon fell out and filed litigation against each other.

Ajala would later withdraw his suit. By that time, a life of pomp and ceremony had become a luxury as his influence, popularity and fame dwindled.

He had no savings for the rainy days and his later years and had no house he could call his own.

He lived in a dingy rented apartment in a two-storey building on Adeniran Street, Bariga, Lagos. Nothing in the house suggested a man who breathed prosperity lived there.

The autobiography of Ajala titled “An African Abroad” currently out of print.

“Ajala’s sitting room was devoid of carpet, had a table of about five locally made iron chairs in a corner which also served as a dining table, an old black and white television set, seats uncomfortably in an ill-constructed shelf, the cushion on the sofa hurts the buttocks as it has become flat, the curtains on the window of the two bedroom flat, showed sign of old age, it is indeed a story of penury,” an observer once wrote.

As he battled penury, stroke struck.

It became double trouble for the larger-than-life Ajala as he had no money to take care of himself.

He died of paralysis from stroke in Lagos on February 2, 1999, aged 65.

Olabisi Ajala had the world in his pocket but died a lonely man with nothing in his pocket.



What South-East Must Do Is To Play “Proper politics”, And Have A Shot At Presidency. Femi Adesina Says

What South-East Must Do Is To Play “Proper politics”, And Have A Shot At Presidency. Femi Adesina Says

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina has stated that the south-east must play the ‘proper’ kind of politics to have a shot at the presidency.

Adesina while speaking on the agitations for the south-east to produce the next president in 2023 said it is only possible if the zone aligns with others.

In Adesina`s statement, he said that the south-east has always maintained the same voting pattern during presidential elections — and it is not working.

“Every part of the country deserves to produce the president and right from my days in the newspapers, I had always been writing, advising the south east on how to get it. But till now, I wouldn’t say they have played the proper kind of politics,” he said in an interview with Vanguard.

“To become president in Nigeria, you need to align with the rest of the country and if you don’t align, you can never produce a president.

“President Buhari had to regulate with the south-west before he became president. If the south-east continues to vote the same way they have been voting in one direction and that direction is not working, yet they continue, then, they need to re-address their politics.

“Before 2015 and then, 2019, some Igbo leaders of thoughts, Orji Kalu, Ngige, Ralph Obioha, all of them, even at a point, Prof ABC Nwosu said it. That was in 2011. He said the shortest route to Igbo presidency is to vote the Buhari/Bakare ticket in 2011 and then, Buhari/Osinbajo ticket in 2015 and 2019.

“But how did the south-east vote, they still went in the same direction.”

Commenting on insecurity in the country, Adesina said Nigeria would have been consumed by insurgency if President Muhammadu Buhari did not assume office in 2015.

“You know that in 2015, the main issue in the country was insurgency. That insurgency was in the north-east, it was in north-west, it was in north-central because Abuja was being serially bombed,” he said.

“It was already in Kogi. From Kogi, where did you think it was going? It was south-west. And if you went to the south-west, the only place left would be the south-south.

“The whole country would have been consumed and there would have been no country again, if not that President Buhari came in in 2015.”


Sunday, 31 October 2021

Senator Samuel Anyanwu Emerges PDP Nat’l Secretary Amidst Jubilation


Senator Samuel Anyanwu Emerges PDP Nat’l Secretary Amidst Jubilation

In a statement released and signed by Ikenna Onuoha, the Special Adviser (Media) to Senator Samuel Anyanwu, as observes by Eaglesforesight, it was stated that Senator Samuel has emerged the PDP, national secretary.

Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu has emerged the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded convention of the party held at the Eagle Square, Abuja.

Anyanwu polled the highest number of votes cast to emerge the winner after delegates from across the 36 states of the federation and FCT voted in him favour.

The election of Senator Anyanwu triggered wide jubilations across party lines, thereby confirming him as the most preferred candidate for the position.

Expressing joy on his emergence, Anyanwu promised to work in synergy with the new Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu and other members of the National Working Committee (SWC) of PDP to move the party forward to an enviable height.


Election 2023: Nigerians Have Every Reasons Within Themselves, To Trust PDP, Fintiri Says.

Governor Fintiri

Nigerians Have Every Reasons Within Themselves, To Trust PDP, Fintiri Says.

Governor of Adamawa state, Ahmadu Fintiri has stated that Nigerians can trust the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to bring sustainable development to the country.

This was stated by Fintiri on Saturday at the national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja.

He said, the people's Democratic Party, PDP, is ready to take over power from the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2023.

According to Governor Fintiri, Nigerians can rely on the party, PDP.

“We have always been there for Nigeria at its perilous time of need. We are not just a vehicle for winning elections, but a symbolism for a free, democratic and prosperous Nigeria that works for every citizen,” Gov. Fintiri said.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to these time tested ideals that Nigerians have every reason to trust us enough more than a contraption that was formed solely for the purpose of winning election and around the personal ambitions of certain individuals bereft of the knowledge of what to do with the victory.

“The PDP has traversed multiple stages of institutional consolidation that places it far ahead of any other political party in Nigeria. Upon every pasts setback, the party, PDP has remained afloat and is waxing stronger with all its statutory organs functioning, from the BoT, to the NWC and the NEC. The other contraption cannot boast of the same credentials.”

He criticised the APC for driving the country into “recession”, adding that Nigeria stands a better chance of experiencing “good governance” if the PDP is in power.

“For Nigeria, the present APC-led-government is hell-bent on railroading the country into multifaceted recession in all fronts; from the economy to governance, national security to diplomacy, poverty to unemployment, anti-corruption to the observance of the rule of law, citizenship to national cohesion,” he said.

“Indeed, the country has never had it this bad. That Nigeria is better by far with PDP in power is not in doubt. That the people relish on those golden moments when the PDP held sway at the centre is not in doubt.

“That citizens are yearning for the return of PDP at the centre as the 2023 elections draw nearer is equally not in doubt. We, therefore, have a duty not to disappoint our teeming supporters. We have to take back our country as we have always done.

“We have to save Nigeria. If we could force the country out of the clutches of the military, we can do this one huge task — push the people who don’t know the true definition of good governance and national coexistence out of power. This is a Nigeria rescue mission. This is the role PDP was invented to play.”


The Agitations For Self Determination Is Legal, Has Been Declared By The Federal High Court

The Agitations For Self Determination Is Legal, Has Been Declared By The Federal High Court

High Court Declares Agitation for Self Determination Legal

Justice Ladiran Akintola of Oyo State High Court on Friday made a declaration that campaigns for self-determination by people in Nigeria is legal and a fundamental human right.

Delivering judgement in a suit filed against the Federal Government by Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, Justice Akintola said with the combined provisions of international and domestic laws, Nigerians, including Igboho, had the unquestionable and inalienable fundamental right to campaign and agitate for self-determination.

The judge also awarded N20 billion to Igboho against the Federal Government as aggravated damages over the invasion and destruction of his home by operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) on July 1, 2021.

Respondents in the suit were Attorney General of the Federation, the State Security Service (SSS) and Director, State Security Service, Oyo State.

Justice Akintola granted all the 16 reliefs sought by Igboho in the suit filed on his behalf by his lawyer, Chief Yomi Aliyu, SAN.

The reliefs include: “A declaration that the Federal Government’s resolve to prevent him from propagating his belief in ‘Yoruba Nation’ in association with others was against his fundamental rights to freedom of thought, conscience and association.”

Specifically, Igboho asked the court to declare that he and his Yoruba indigenous people had unquestionable and/or inalienable fundamental right to peacefully campaign and seek self-determination of Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and lobby the legislature to amend the CFRN, 1999 as guaranteed by Article 20 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Right (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, Laws of the Federation, 2010, and Articles 3, 4, 7, & 18 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People made at its 107th Plenary Meeting of Thursday 13th September, 2007, thereby insulating campaign for self-determination from criminal culpability.

Other reliefs sought by Igboho are: “A declaration that the respondents resolve in preventing the applicant from propagating his belief in association with other like-minds in creating a Yoruba Nation and/or Oduduwa Republic for his Indigenous Yoruba People and hunting him with gun with a view to arresting him dead or alive when he had not called for war in achieving same was against his fundamental rights to freedom of thought, conscience and association since campaign for self-determination is recognised by Nigerian law and international treaties of organizations to which Nigeria belongs.

“A declaration that apart from violating the fundamental right of the applicant to fair hearing, it is unequitable and unfair for the 2nd & 3rd respondents to exhibit guns, ammunition and other dangerous weapons and incriminating documents in public and claim that same belong to the applicant when their officers in actual fact shot their way into the house of the applicant situate, lying and being at Igboho Villa, 1, Dalag Street, Off Soka Bus Stop, Soka Area, off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan, without subjecting themselves and their convoy of vehicles to prior search by the applicant who neither signed any inventory nor search warrant containing inventory to that effect. “A declaration that the media trial of the applicant by the 2nd & 3rd Respondents in exhibiting prohibited and/ or illegal items as Applicant’s before the press and live television is usurpation of judicial power reserved by CFRN, 1999, for courts and violently violates the fundamental right of the applicant to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law recognised y the said constitution and properly constituted for that purpose.

“A declaration that invading and or blocking the assets of the applicant and putting no debit order on his bank accounts is a violation of his fundamental right to own property and wealth guaranteed by CFRN, 1999, and Article 21 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, Laws of Federation, 2010.

“An order of injunction restraining the respondents, their agents, privies and associates in other security forces and or anybody acting on their behalf and or instructions from arresting, detaining, molesting, harassing and/or in any way interfering with his right to personal liberty, freedom of movement and peaceful enjoyment of his property without fear of the invasion of his home by the respondents.”

Igboho also demanded that the court should compel the respondents jointly and severally to pay him N500.5 billion made up of the sum of N500 million as special damages for the damage done to his car and residence at Soka, Ibadan and the sum of N500 billion being exemplary and/ or aggravated damages for malicious invasion of his Soka residence.

He also asked the court to declare that the damage of his property was a violation of his fundamental right to peacefully own property and wealth as well. On the invasion of the home of the activist, the court held that “the applicant led credible and unchallenged evidence against the respondents. The respondents did not deny the invasion of the applicant’s residence, rather they admitted the invasion on mere allegation of suspicion.

“Suspicion cannot take the place of law, no matter how strong it is. The ugly show of crude fire power by the respondents or their agents, leaving death carnage and destruction behind should be condemned.”

The court further held that the invasion of Igboho’s residence in the middle of the night without a warrant violated his fundamental human rights to property, life and family under section 35 (i) (a-c) of the 1999 constitution.

“In the absence of any evidence that Nigeria is in a state of war, the action and overzealous conduct of the agents of the second and third respondents should be condemned in strongest possible terms. If the identities of the agents of the second and third respondents were known, they would have been made liable for their action,” the judge said.

Justice Akintola further held that the second and third respondents were silent on how the arms and ammunition allegedly paraded in Abuja were recovered from Igboho’s residence, noting that, “It is difficult to believe that the arms and ammunition were recovered from his residence because there is no evidence to that effect.”

Justice Akintola added that the judgement would serve as a lesson to government agencies who are fond of infringing on the fundamental human rights of citizens and further awarded N2 million as cost to Igboho. In his reaction after the judgment, Igboho’s counsel, Alliu, SAN, said the judgement was a victory for democracy and the rule of law, adding that it had further proved that the court is the last hope of the common man.

“We now see that we have to go back to the motto of the NBA, and that is exactly what happened today, which means, where there is a damage, there is a remedy. We can see the language used by my learned lord, Justice Ladiran Akintola, and you heard what I said in court that today’s case is history and lawyers yet unborn will refer to it as you are referring to previous cases,” Aliyu said.

The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Mr Abubakar Malami (SAN), on Friday, announced the decision of the Federal Government to appeal the judgment. While speaking on the development in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja. Malami said that efforts were already being made to commence the process of appealing the judgment.


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21 Building Stories: Some Few Questions Begging For Answers About The Collapsed Ikoyi Tower

Few things that you need to know about the collapsed Ikoyi tower is stated below by  Akinyele Oladeji Good evening Gentlemen, I wasn’t going...



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CONTACT US THROUGH +2348160067187 📲 on WhatsApp/Call📞 For your Adverts, Banner Placement, Publicity, Press Release, Promotion, Special Reports, Featured stories, Event Coverage, Conference, Interviews, And So On. As we also bring to, on your screen daily: News, Events, History, Lifestyles, Opinions, Columns, Sports, Entertainments, Advertisements, Politics and many more. Enjoy your reading...

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